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In the light of the new GDPR legislation which started in May 2018 please see below for how I manage my mailing list.

People are on my mailing list because they have signed up on-line or at a show or event where they met me.

I send out a newsletter by email about six times a year. The newsletters includes invitations to shows I am doing,  information about new products, and projects along with occasional ‘behind the scenes’ stories.

I use Mailchimp for all of my newsletters. Mailchimp also gives an easy option to unsubscribe from my mailing list at any time. The unsubscribe option can be found at the bottom of every newsletter email I send. The Mailchimp unsubscribe feature is immediately and permanently effective.

I undertake to exercise all reasonable precautions to keep this information supplied to me by anyone strictly confidential and I never supply any data to third parties. 

Please contact me in the form below for any further information.

Thank you, Jo Angell