Hornsey Town Hall

I'm usually in a hurry, with a list of things to do....
Today I had an hour to spend in Crouch End, and rather than sit drinking coffee, I decided to amble slowly and look around my locality to see what was going on and how it was faring.

I really like the town hall in the middle of Crouch End, built in 1935, now used mainly as a vintage film set (notable recently for 'The Hour') whilst people/council argue what to do with it.
How had I missed these gates before? They're very much of their period and they remind me of something I would have loved as a child.  I would have stood there deciding which animal I liked the best.
The design appeals to my sense of order and symmetry with little compartments for one and all.

Happy to say the Crouch End Festival will be inhabiting this space for a Craft Fair on June 8th.  I should be taking part showing my digital texiles. Stalls will be both inside and outside the building.

Seek and you shall find.